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Pica Publishing is your one stop place for all your Equine Business Products. Offering Professional Equine Software, designed for Breeders, Trainers, Racing Stables and all horse enthusiasts. Knowledgeable Equine books, including Equi-Marketing to the Ultimate Equine Legal & Businesses Advisor. And who can be without the Ultimate Equine Organizer, designed for you the horse owner! We also offer the finest in Equine legal Forms, health records, agreement forms and much more.

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Equine Columns by George G. Johnson, Jr. Equine Attorney and Judge's & Stewards Commissioner for the Arabian Horse Association.
Equine Columns by Tracy Dowson

We believe that one software size does not fit everyone's needs, that's why we offer four different software products including: HorsePro, BusinessPro, Breeders Pro, and Race Trainers' Pro . This is the only fully-integrated, "office suite" software on the market today providing word processing, address book, horse records, planning and calendar and financial management in one convenient place.

Plus Free "Live" customer service and additional programming for farms with special needs. 

Ultimate Equine Organizer
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